The #31DaysOfGS is a countdown for 31 days to the day when Get Scared's newest album, Demons, is released. Each day until October 31, Get Scared posts different videos, photos, and sneak peaks for songs on their website. Plus Get Scared says that they will repost and give a shoutout to the fans who post videos of themselves scaring their friends, family, and/or Pet(s), on Instergram, and Snapchat. You can see more information here at

Day 1Edit

On the first day of #31DaysOfGS,fearless Records released a video on YouTube of Johnny Braddock explaining how #31DaysOGS was going to work, and a little preview of the song "Suffer".

Day 2Edit

On the second day of #31DaysOfGS, the full lyric video for Suffer was posted on YouTube and ITunes. The cost for the song is $1.29 on Itunes.

Day 3Edit

On the second day of #31DaysOfGS, a playlist of songs was posted, including the song Buried Alive by Get Scared.

Day 4Edit

On the second day of #31DaysOfGS, a video of a fan, cosplaying as the creature from Get Scared's Ep Album, scared her mother for the 31DaysOfGS event

Day 5Edit

On the second day of #31DaysOfGS, similar to Day 5, a video was posted of a kid scaring his friends.

Day 6Edit

On the second day of #31DaysOfGS, a little video was uploaded of Adam and Lloyd.